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The idea for a bubble tea shop in part came from the love/near obsession with bubble tea but really during the tumultuous times that came with the pandemic, they decided that wanted to bring something to the area that brought a little joy and a smile into people’s lives and so PickUp Bubble Tea was born.

Locally owned an operated, PickUp Bubble tea was created to serve high quality tapioca, teas and delicious bubble tea drinks serving Northern Westchester County and beyond. As an independently owned operation, we have the freedom to adjust modify and create our menu exactly as we see fit so stay tuned for unusual and unique specials that will (hopefully) blow you away.

Why the weird hours?

To make a great bubble tea drink you need to start with high quality, freshly made tapioca pearls (aka boba). These perfectly chewy, bouncy and lightly sweetened pearls take time to make and have a short window of freshness. To ensure you receive the highest quality drink we strictly adhere to this perfect tapioca formula that on the downside limits the window of time when we can stay open to serve you with what we think is the best boba around.

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